Being Conscious and Prosperous – The Vow of Prosperity



My financial success is guaranteed because I only think and act with wealth in mind.

My wealth consciousness expands every day.

My wealth consciousness is my blueprint for prosperity.

My wealth contributes to the prosperity of others.” ~Affirm Your Life


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Occult Grooves 2014 Series

We are kicking off this mid 2014 with some occult grooves!

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The Effeminazation of the Black Male and Demonization of the Black Woman

  **Warning** extremely graphic content:

Professor Griff Discussing the Dark Side of HiP HoP

Image by Kowarski


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The Dark Side of Easter


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The Hidden Side of St. Patrick’s Day

Book Club – The Mis-Education of the Negro

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Book Club – The Creature From Jekyll Island

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by Felixco Inc.

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JFK Assassination: Beyond A Conspiracy Theory

May 29, 1917 –  November 22, 1963

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Friday the 13th: Why In The Hell Are You Frightened?

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