Malaysia Airlines MH370 and Flight 17 Decoded (Ghostwriter plots on both me and my wife’s life)

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A plot on my life “Right Again” Part 2

Foreshadowing continues

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Little Dragon


A plot on my life “Right Again” Part 1


An autobiography about cyber stalkers, bank robbers, ghostwriters, prostitutes, strippers and an attack on education, women’s rights, financial independence, independent thought, creativity and love.

Your top 40 songs might be about something other than what you expect. If you can decipher the code, you might save hundreds or thousands of lives.

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Being Conscious and Prosperous – The Vow of Prosperity



My financial success is guaranteed because I only think and act with wealth in mind.

My wealth consciousness expands every day.

My wealth consciousness is my blueprint for prosperity.

My wealth contributes to the prosperity of others.” ~Affirm Your Life


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Occult Grooves 2014 Series

We are kicking off this mid 2014 with some occult grooves!

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The Effeminazation of the Black Male and Demonization of the Black Woman

  **Warning** extremely graphic content:

Professor Griff Discussing the Dark Side of HiP HoP

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The Dark Side of Easter


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The Hidden Side of St. Patrick’s Day

Book Club – The Mis-Education of the Negro

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